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One-Line Bio

Born in Denver Colorado, I've traveled around the US, the Mid East, Europe and China, getting a good deal of education on the way; now bunking down on Long Island New York to put some of that Learnin' to work.


My original goal in life was to study Human Intellectual Evolution. There wasn't a major in that. Then I heard my name whispered by computers, and by China, so I fell into that unsavory crowd for a while. (We still hang out) During, marriage, travel, 2 kids, 11 pets, and a lot of listening and watching, I realized I never actually gave up that study, but I had turned it into wondering about our future evolution, not our past, so I started writing. Somewhat for sanity and somewhat because I'm better at it than photography and painting, it's a good voice for me. So here we are, me and my posse, bloggin' it down.